Aymar, Çapamarka, and Vita brands that are under the umbrella of Aymar Yağ ve Gıda San. A.Ş., are produced at state-of-the-art facilities by well-trained and qualified personnel that have insights to sensibility of being engaged in food production.

Raw materials of all products are approved by official food inspection agencies after a set of controls conducted with due diligence, and raw materials are made into products with a superior quality understanding, and are finally put on the table.

Seated in Çorlu that functions as the centre to Thrace, the origin of oily seeds in Turkey, Aymar facilities displays activity on 100 decares of area, 15.000 sqm of which is indoor space. Oil production capacity of Aymar production facilities is 90.000 metric tons per year. Vita brand is also produced at these facilities to perpetuate the legend.

Çapamarka, which is the new brand in the production chain, is produced at our facilities that are established on 2400 sqm indoor space that also covers a production site of 120 ton capacity per day. Çapamarka hosts 15 different facilities within the production site wherein 15 different product group can be produced simultaneously under well-controlled conditions. The products are kept at 1400 sqm storehouses, ready for being dispatched, where required conditions are available. With its production team of 100 personnel, Çapamarka uses all its daily capacity effectively.