Our Environmental Policy

Culinary taste heritage shared with the next generations!

Taking responsibility for sharing the culinary taste of the past with the next generations, we are aware of our responsibility for raising our children and the youth healthily.

On the face of generosity of our precious geography, we aim at utilising and making available the energy and natural resources efficiently, and designing systems that encourage environmentally-friendly war material and material usage.

At this point, our first duty is to render our success, taste and existence sustainable and steady; to become aware of current advancements in advance and to produce solutions for our consumers' needs and wants; to minimise environmentally negative effects.

To this end, our main policy for the production stages of our brand is as follows;

  • To comply with local and national regulations of all kinds that cover health and environmental issues,
  • To produce in compliance with TSE standards,
  • To prioritise and invest in environmentally-friendly R&D works for the production and processes,
  • To practice economy on the consumption of limited resources,
  • To provide our team with awareness-raising trainings on social responsibility and environment, thus to make contributions to their personal development.