“Brands that have rooted in your heart are,
now united for a healthy future.”

Brands under Aymar Yağ ve Gıda San. A.Ş. has put indispensable tastes on the table for long years in Turkey. It is proud of guiding and directing the palatal delight of consumers by relying on state-of-the-art. Having been the most preferred fat brand since 1979 in Turkey, 'Aymar' was included in the company in 2003. Once it was integrated with the title, the brand acquired a new identity and an innovative perspective was presented to consumers.

Aymar Yağ ve Gıda San. A.Ş., carried on with investments with a great dedication in 2010, and added Çapamarka, and Vita, two rooted brands that blazed the trail in Turkey. Entirely renovated, high-tech production facilities put the long-missed fat by the legendary Vita back on the supermarket shelves and in kitchens. Established on 2400 m2 indoor space, and having a production capacity of 120 tons/day, Çapamarka had a reunion with its fans.

With its technological funs of knowledge and professional team, AYMAR family has put signature to significant success at home and abroad; and successfully became a supplier with high market recognition and reliability with steady investments in superior quality and development. Taking giant steps in the domestic market with its strong sales network, Aymar is listed as one of the important supplier in HORECA canal. Aymar family had adopted a vision that intends to utilise its sources accurately for the purpose of attaining its targets, and that gives importance to R&D and closely follows up with technological developments. Lending ears to consumers' needs and wants, understands their demands and comes up with solutions to this effect; Aymar's motto has been 'uninterrupted and constant development', which is indispensable for Aymar family. Aymar Yağ ve Gıda San. A.Ş. aims at becoming one of the leading food companies in Turkey and around the world tomorrow as it is today.